Allen Gardens park


A nice park in the heart of Shoreditch, an artistic area of London where Jack the Ripper used to live.

Quite large park with a massive lawn, where you will find mainly elements for children like jungle gyms, swings, or rope climing area. A bicycle path is running through the park, which is indirectly connected onto the wide net of London‘s bicycle paths.

There is a beautiful Spitalfields city farm, which is a free ZOO with voluntary contributing from visitors. There is also a station with city bikes for hire just next to the park. Brick Lane Street is also just next to the park, where every Saturday there’s a famous market, although local restaurants and shops are open every day.


Bethnal Green Overground
Brick Lane N8, 388, 8
Fakruddin Street D3
Shoreditch High Street Overground, 67
Whitechapel Overground



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