Clifton Observatory Park


Located just next to Bristol's top attractions is also a children's playground.

The beautiful Suspension bridge in Bristol's Clifton area is amazing to look at, and even better to walk through. It was built over the Avon gorge in 1864 in the height of 101 metres and offers an amazing view.

Only a few metres from the bridge is the Clifton Observatory, which is unfortunately not open to public. But from there you can trace a path down to the Giant's cave, which is nowadays an observation point about 20 metres under the surface directly inside of the vertical wall of the St. Vincent Rock. Both the Suspension Bridge and also the Observatory area offer amazing views.

The surroundings offer a couple of green areas, the Clifton Park nearby, and a children's playground only a couple metres from the Suspension Bridge. Kids will find two trampolines there, a slide, jungle gym, and seesaws. There are some neat picnic tables as well for you to sit.


Christ Church 505, 8, 3C
Percival Road 505, 8



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