Epping Forest - Wanstead part


An ideal escape from busy London into this calm forest.

This listed spot is only the Wanstead part of the whole 19 kilometres long forest spreading northwards. Epping Forest has plenty to offer from quiet and peaceful walks through the forest paths to broad green areas, or lakes. You can go and relax here, have a run through the forest, or try  to take on the whole forest all the way to its north point near Epping.

Just next to this Wanstead part of the forest is a lake Eagle Pond, which belongs to the Snaresbrook Crown Court which operates even today. It is housed in a historical building from 1843 only a few minutes from the forest.


Snaresbrook Station Central line
Whipps Cross Hospital W12, N55, 257
Whipps Cross Roundabout N55, 357, 56, 20



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