Gosford Green


Park with a couple of elements for children to play. There is a seesaw, slide, and a climbing net.

The park is quite spacious, with grass areas where you can play some sports. Or you can just relax on a bench.

A part of cycling path is crossing the park, which will lead you to the city centre, or out of the city.

Just next to this park to south-east is Gosford Park, where you can play football on a large grass pitch, and basketball on a multi purpose court.


Gosford Green X31, X30, X6, CEC4, 735, 585B, 585A, 585, 86, 85, 74S, 74B, 74A, 74, 16A, 13A, 13, 10, 9A, 9, 8S, 8A, 8, 4, 1
Swan Lane X31, X30, X6, CEC4, 585B, 585A, 585, 85, 10, 9A, 9, 8S, 8A, 8, 4



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