Hampden Park


Opened as early as 1902, this park is very large and will suit any activity.

The park has two parts nicely divided, where in one of them there are many sports opportunities. You can play rugby on one of many pitches, play tennis on one of well maintained courts, play bowls indoors or outdoors, or ride your skates or skateboard in the skatepark. Of course there is plenty of space for other activities you might like to do.

There is an amazing children's playground with elements like a zipline, tunnel, sandbox, and many others.

The other part of the whole park is more nature-oriented and you can go for a lovely walk into the Decoy Wood or Ham Shaw, both of them medium sized forests. Next  to Decoy Wood is the Decoy Pond and around it are several flower beds, gardens and areas with picnic tables.


Hampden Park Trains
Park Avenue The Loop, 501, 126, 125 The Downsman, 125, 98, 56, 54, 51X, 51, 1A
Park Gates The Loop, 56, 1A



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