Kilburn Grange


Very beautiful and quiet park just off Kilburn High Street.

Kilburn Grange has a couple of well maintained sports grounds for active people. You can play football and basketball here in a caged multifunctional area, play tennis on the court, practice on the wooden workout constructions, or jump onto the outdoor bodyweight workout gym. You can also find people having a run around the outline of the park.

There is a small pretty garden where you can relax, and also the central green area is useful for your activities.

The children’s playground has an amazing large wooden jungle gym, sandbox, and other.

Only few meters from the park is the Kilburn High Street where you will find any shops, restaurants or services you might need, along with one market down the road towards Paddington area.


Brondesbury Overground
Buckley Road N16, 632, 332, 316, 189, 32, 16
Kilburn Jubilee line
Kilburn High Road Overground
Woodchurch Road 328, 139



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