An unique place in Bratislava which everyone has to visit for its significance, location and atmosphere.

Slavín is a memorial of Soviet army soldiers for their liberation of Bratislava in 1960. There are graves of the soldiers, statues, and the main monument that has engraved on its walls the liberation dates of various cities in Slovak Republic.

It is a place full of atmosphere, with beautiful outlook on Bratislava, mainly in the evening. Since the spot is on a hill, it is ideal for harder running sessions. And just several meters from here there is another spot Horský park for you to do sports or have active relax.

From below the Slavín you can go all the way from bus stop SAV on Štefánikova street through many staircases to the memorial.


SAV X13, N95, N93, N80, N70, N61, N55, N53, N37, N34, N31, N29, N21, 212, 209, 206, 204, 184, 93, 84, 83, 64, 63, 32, 25, 21
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