Southwark Park


First opened in 1869 and later refurbished  in 1998, this park offers a vast space for your activities.

There is still a wonderful bandstand from 1884 in the centre of the park, or the Ada Selter Rose Garden just next to the lake. Both are  beautifully designed pieces of history. Otherwise you can take any spot in the park as there are many open space areas, as well as niche spots to discover. Maybe just have a walk by the Lake, or rent a boat and cruise for a while!

The park offers sports facilities like a bowls court, tennis courts, an outdoor workout area, and large grass area.

There is a good children's  playground with a slide, swings, and a carousel.

The park is really large with plenty of benches and space for you to choose from. It is also just next to river Thames, so you can continue from here further towards the famous historical sights in the city centre.


Rotherhithe Police Station P12, N381, N199, 381, 225, 225, 199, 1
Southwark Park P12, N381, N199, C10, 381, 188, 47



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